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ALIPRO Workshop, Berlaymont, BrusselsWorkshop agenda

European visions for research programmes on mobile communications in the New Member States and Acceding and Candidate Countries

Brussels, 24 March 2006

All workshop presentations are available for download in pdf format. In order to view Mieczyslaw Muraszkiewicz, MOST/ALIPRO coordinatorthe pdf files, you need a pdf viewer like, for example, the free Adobe Reader.

10:00-10:05 Opening (pdf, 169 kb)

Prof. Dr. Mieczyslaw Muraszkiewicz, MOST Foundation (ALIPRO coordinator)

Tomasz Gerszberg, MOST10:05-10:15 Welcome address

Dr. Tomasz Gerszberg, (pdf, 41 kb)
Member of the Board, MOST Foundation


Rainer Zimmermann, European Commission10:15-10:45 Keynote: Opportunities for NMS and CAS in FP7 (pdf, 1,384 kb)

Rainer Zimmermann, European Commission, DG Information Society and Media, Unit D1

10:45-11:00 Discussion

11:00-11:15 Coffee break

Tomasz Szapiro, MOST11:15-11:45 Results of benchmarking of national research programmes with focus on mobile communications and mobility (pdf, 276 kb)

Prof. Tomasz Szapiro, MOST Foundation (ALIPRO)
Jakub Lebuda, MOST Foundation (ALIPRO)

Neophytos Morphis, CYTA11:45-12:30 Case studies

Cyprus - Leonidas Antoniou, Research Promotion Foundation (RPF) Cyprus (pdf, 306 kb)
Cyprus - Neophytos Morphis, CYTA (ALIPRO) (pdf, 160 kb)


Cenk Bayrakdar, TurkcellTurkey - Cenk Bayrakdar, Turkcell (pdf, 1,102 kb)
Turkey - Deniz Bayhan, TUBITAK (pdf, 1,157 kb)Deniz Bayhan, TUBITAK

12:30-12:45 Discussion
12:45-13:45 Lunch

Borka Jerman-Blazic, IJS13:45-14:15 ALIPRO’s vision and roadmap in the area of research on mobile communications (pdf, 1,414 kb)

Prof. Borka Jerman-Blažič, Inštitut Jožef Stefan (ALIPRO)

14:15:14:30 Coffee break

14:30-15:45 Panel discussion:
Panel discussion: Milan Dado, Magnus Madfors, Sonia SpasovaVisions and roadmaps for the integration of national R&D programmes on IST in ERA

Sonia Spasova, State Agency for Information Technologies and Communications, Bulgaria
(pdf, 1,095 kb)
Ilona Vass, HungaryDr. Ilona Vass, Vice Director of the National Office for Research and Technology, Hungary
(pdf, 1,000 kb)
Prof. Milan Dado, University of Zilina, Slovak Republic (pdf, 92 kb)
Dr. Magnus Madfors, Ericsson, Chairman eMobility Technology Platform (pdf, 224 kb)
Francisco Guirao, European CommissionProf. Dr. Mieczyslaw Muraszkiewicz, MOST Foundation (ALIPRO coordinator)

Moderator: Francisco Guirao, European Commission (pdf, 319 kb)

15:45-16:00 Closing (pdf, 86 kb)

Prof. Dr. Mieczyslaw Muraszkiewicz, MOST Foundation (ALIPRO coordinator)

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