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Supporting the Alignment of IST Research Programmes on Mobile Communications in the New Member States

ALIPRO is an EU research project under Framework Programme 6 which aims at supporting the alignment of the new member states’ national and regional research programmes with European IST research in the area of mobile technologies, applications, and services.

The project will accelerate the creation, improvement, and alignment of mobility-related national and regional activities and programmes in the new member states (NMS) and accession candidate countries (ACC), strengthening their integration on European level. ALIPRO will achieve this goal through benchmarking, vision-building and roadmapping as well as dissemination of the results to the relevant stakeholders in the NMS and ACC.

This website is a portal for providing information about this project and about research programmes on mobile communications in the NMS and ACC as well as on European level. In addition, the project partners would like to stimulate a discussion among the stakeholders in the respective countries about the national research programmes on mobility and how they could be better aligned with European IST research.

ALIPRO Project Flyer
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